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Wednesday   2018.1.24
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Model ZF-801 Full-automatic CD Paper Bag Machine Model MCY-700 Die Cutting Punch Model ZF-323 Full Automatic Express Delivery Envelope Machine
SZF-350 Model YSD-580 Easy-tearing Tape Gluing Machine Model ZF-380 Window Envelope Film
Model ZF-801 Full-automatic CD Paper Bag Machine  
Model ZF-801 Full-automatic CD Paper Bag Machine is specialized in the production of CD paper bag, and packing bags such as medicine or food.
Applying air-sucking paper from the bottom of paper pile and feeding mechanism. It can facilitate the supply of paper without stop. It can accurately pull the pin out and fold. Gluing mode of turning wheel guarantees the evenness of gluing and controls the glue amount on the paper sheet according to the paper sheet condition. It is designed with a fine adjustment device, and appli- cable for simple spec. volume production or multiple spec. small-lot production paper bags.

operation speed:


Finished product specification:


Applicable paper grammage:


Power of main machine:


Power of air pump:

Weight of complete machine:
External dimensions:

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